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What the Riders Say...

Yoshimura and Mladin win AMA Superbike Championship

What does Team Manager Don Sakakura say about Sportsbike Tyre Warmers...

"Sportsbike Tyre Warmers worked flawlessly all season. As we all know, the riders confidence in the machine is all so important. This year, our riders had total confidence on that critical first lap, that the tyres were up to temperature and always consistent. Sportsbike's quality product is irreplaceable".

Don Sakakura called Sportsbike two days after Mat Mladin's sensational Daytona 200 win.

"Daytona is a place where you need good Tyre Warmers to win. It's punishing on tyres. With Sportsbike Tyre Warmers we did not need to scrub in tyres, we could go out with 'green' tyres and be on the pace. We were able to get more laps out of our tyres with Sportsbike Tyre Warmers and that made a big difference".

"Thank you for providing Yoshimura Suzuki with Tyre Warmers that really work well. Your Tyre Warmers helped Mat to victory".

"At last, a Tyre Warmer that works"

Don Sakakura
Yoshimura Suzuki Team Manager.
Winner of Daytona 200 and two AMA Superbike Championships with Mat Mladin using Sportsbike Tyre Warmers.

Yoshimura Suzuki choose Sportsbike Tyre Warmers for Mat Mladin

Mladin and Yoshimura Suzuki win Daytona.

Aprilia World Superbike and Troy Corser choose Sportsbike Tyre Warmers

Aprilia World Superbike used Sportsbike Tyre Warmers when Nando De Cecco ran the Team in 1999 with rider Peter Goddard. That did not automatically mean that Aprilia would continue using Sportsbike Tyre Warmers. Our product had to prove its' quality and effectiveness yet again. The new Aprilia 'in-house' Factory Team tested Sportsbike Tyre Warmers at the Phillip Island. Within 15 minutes of testing Team Manager Fabrizio Guidotti commented "These are better than everything else we have used, so much better temperature, you can feel it." Troy Corser just said "We've got to have them". Despite being offered free product from two other manufacturers, Aprilia WSB purchased Sportsbike Tyre Warmers with Temperature Control Systems.

Troy Corser and Aprilia WSB Choose Sportsbike Tyre Warmers

PETER GODDARD - Professional Factory Development Rider. Two times Australian Superbike Champion, 1997 World Endurance Champion. Sponsored by: Aprilia spa, Alpine Stars, AGV Helmets. "Temperature, consistent heating and reliability are what you need in a tyre warmer. Sportsbike Tyre Warmers deliver this every time, so I feel at ease and confident when I exit the pit. Tyre warmers and their reliability are an essential part of Aprilia's racing efforts, we use and trust Australian Made - Sportsbike Professional Series Tyre Warmers, they warm the tyre quickly, evenly and reliably every time - No Worries. At last a tyre warmer that really works." KEVIN CURTAIN - Radar's Team Yamaha Australia. Yamaha R1.
1995 Australian 250cc Production Champion, 1996 & 2000 Australian Supersport Champion, 1998 Production Superbike Champion & 1998, 1999 & 2000 Formula Xtreme Champion.
"Sportsbike Tyre Warmers give me a real edge, there's more heat in the whole wheel and the heat stays in the tyre ready for the start"

LESTER HARRIS - WSB & GP Team Manager. (England).
"Racing at GP and WSB level imposes strains on equipment that would not be experienced in any other environment. In my time as WSB Team Suzuki Manager, we tried many different types of tyre warmers but the fit, consistant performance and durability has made Sportsbike Tyre Warmers our number one choice."

NANDO DE CECCO - De Cecco Pirelli Ducati Team Manager. (Italy)
De Cecco Pirelli Ducati WSS

"We looked at many tyre warmers before we chose Sportsbike. They work very well. I like Sportsbike being with us, they share our passion"

AARON GOBERT - 250 Production Champion - Aprilia RS 250.
"I think Sportsbike Tyre Warmers are really good. I can go out and get up to race pace straight away. I don't need to check if the tyres will grip, with Sportsbike Tyre Warmers I know they will."

PETER ARCHER - CMA Racing Team. Honda VTR 1000 & CBR 900R. WSB Wild Card.

"You're up to speed right away. You don't have to think about your tyres being hot, they are. Sportsbike Tyre Warmers are great"

MARIO BONACCORDO - Honda RS 125 GP. Privateer.

"Sportsbike Tyre Warmers give me the confidence to push hard right from the start. It has me scrubbing my knee in the first corner."

LUKE WICKS - BEARS F2 Champion - Aprilia RS 250 / Buell. Privateer.

"I find that Sportsbike Tyre Warmers have improved my tyre wear and performance. They allow me to go onto the track with confidence."

KERRY MILLS - Red's Ducati 890 SP. Privateer. 1998 Australian BEARS Champion.

"Sportsbike Tyre Warmers are easier to use and bring tyres up to temperature a lot quicker than other warmers. They make it easier to go hard quicker and give me confidence. That way I can focus on important things not wonder if my tyres are hot. Sportsbike Tyre Warmers, they are shit hot."

GARRY McKIE - Red's Ducati 996. Privateer. 1997 NSW BEARS Champion.

"Before Sportsbike Tyre Warmers came along you could get away without warmers because the others wern't that good. Now you've got to have Sportsbike Tyre Warmers to be competitive"

NICK MARSH - Honda CBR 900R. Privateer.

"Prior to purchasing Sportsbike Tyre Warmers I had never finished in the top 3. However, the first race with my new Sportsbike Tyre Warmers I won my first trophy. Thanks Sportsbike."

DALE BOWTEL - Ducati 748 SP. Privateer.

"Without these tyre warmers, there's no chance at running at the pointy end. Tyre wear has decreased two to one. Sportsbike's service is excellent. I like their friendly service and no pressure sales."

ROLAND KRUCK - Suzuki TL 1000 R.

"Makes me more confident esspecially on the first couple of laps. Now I can go hard from the start."

CRAIG MILLER - Kawasaki ZX9R. Privateer.

"Sportsbike Tyre Warmers increase tyre life and as a privateer, that means I'm saving money."

MICHAEL PAYNE - NSW 250GP Champion - Honda RS 125 GP. Privateer.

"Sportsbike Tyre Warmers provide me with the confidence to 'Go Hard from the Start'. They are very effective at bringing the tyres to almost race temperature before I even take to the track."

KURT HOOGVEEN - Honda CBR 400. Privateer.

"Sportsbike Tyre Warmers make my starts more confident. This makes my first lap fast and on the pace. The tyres work better and give me more feel. I get more grip than with softer compound tyres and my tyres end up in a lot better shape. I recommend them."

DAN GIBSON - Suzuki GSX 1170. Privateer. "The old Post-Classic bikes put out the Horse Power and if you try too hard at the start, you're going to crash. With Sportsbike Tyre Warmers I can go out with full confidence and go as fast lap one as I can at the finish. Sportsbike Tyre Warmers also increase tyre life, now I get considerably more use out of tyres and that saves me money."

CHRISTOPHER SMITH - Triumph T 595. Privateer.
"Sportsbike Tyre Warmers come into their own particularly at Wakefield Park. This particular track is short, tight and extremely cold in winter. Sportsbike Tyre Warmers give me a great deal of confidence in these conditions. What I like most about Sportsbike is their commitment to motorcycle racing, not just as a business but as a passion."

Thousands of riders have used Sportsbike Tyre Warmers since we commenced Tyre Warmer manufacture in 1996. The following are just some of them.

The 'Who's Who' of Motorcycling, some of the World's top Teams and best riders who have chosen Sportsbike Tyre Warmers to help them win:

Team West Honda Pons with Loris Capirossi and Alex Barros in MotoGP. Aprilia SBK and riders Peter Goddard, Troy Corser and Nori Haga, Team Suzuki SBK riders James Whitham and Peter Goddard, De Cecco Ducati SBK riders Juan Borja, Piere Georgio Bontempi, Fabien Foret. NCR Ducati SBK and Ben Bostrom. Team Yoshimura Suzuki (USA) riders Matt Mladin, Aaron Yates and Jason Pridmore, Team Kawasaki GB riders Chris Walker and Steve Hislop, Harris Honda GB with rider Shane Burne. Casey Stoner. Team Suzuki Australia with two time Australian Superbike Champion and World Endurance Champion Peter Goddard, World Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss and GP regular Mark Willis, World Endurance Champion Warwick Nowland, Radar's Team Yamaha Australia, 1998 Production Superbike, 2000 Supersport, 1998, 1999 & 2000 Formula Xtreme Champion Kevin Curtain, 2001 Formula Xtreme Champion Robbie Baird & Craig Coxhell. Team Bio-Magnetic Sport Yamaha with riders Daniel & Jamie Stauffer, Team Kawasaki Australia with Australian Supersport Champion Andrew Pitt, Australian Superbike Champion Marty Craggill, Damian Buckmaster, Simon Rattenbury and Marty Atlee.

Top Australian Privateers: Aaron Gobert, Alex Gobert and Josh Foster (Aprilia), Top Australian Privateer Alistair Maxwell and New Zealand Superbike Champion Dean Fulton (Kawasaki), Robbie Carrall and Rolland Kruck (Honda), Jay Normoyle, Paul Cutting and David Simpson (Suzuki), Chris Vermeulen & Damien Cudlin (Yamaha). Australian BEARS Champions; Kerry Mills, Barry Blacker and Peter Brown. Two time Australian 250 GP Champion Shaun Geronimi. Two time Australian Supermotard Champion Greg Moss, The BEARS Ducati 6-Hour Production Race winners. Aprilia JSR / Gowanloch rider Mike Soderland. The test riders of Sportsbike Racing as well as many privateer and professional riders and teams all over the World who are serious about racing success.


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