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PODIUM Class Tyre Warmers.
Built without compromise for those who intend to win.

The PODIUM is the highest performance Tyre Warmer available. A Tyre Warmer designed to make tyres last longer in long races, provide more feel on the first laps and more side wall flexibility to give a larger contact patch early in a race or session.

The attention to detail to achieve this is unequalled, the PODIUM is shaped to fit the tyre for fast, powerful, even heating, there are elements in side walls to concentrate even greater temperature to the rim and there is a choice of 'adjustable' temperature control options.

Once you choose the performance level the PODIUM CLASS offers, you get to design the options, after all you are getting a fully custom made Tyre Warmer. Here are your first choices:
  • Choice of tyre size.

  • Choice of temperature control method.

  • Choice of colour.

  • Choice of sponsor, rider or team badging.

  • Choice of closing system.
Fast, adjustable, dependable, long lasting and backed with our factory support, Sportsbike's PODUIM is specifically built for riders and teams wanting more from tires at the start of a race and longer distance from tires during the race.

There is no nice way to say it, in racing, winning is the only result truly worth the effort and keeping tyres in 'good' condition as long as possible is vital for victory. The teams and riders who choose Sportsbike's PODIUM Tyre Warmers intend to win.

The PODIUM is the the highest specification Tyre Warmer available. It prepares the tyre for competition correctly and completely. This preparation allows the rider to have an advantage of larger contact patch and more feel at the start of a race and a longer lasting tyre are the finish. You have a choice of features as well as the presentation options of colour and sponsor or team badging. The PODIUM is without compromise and without equal.


This is what you get:

Standard quality features:

  • High performance Tyre Warmers using silicon wrapped resistance elements with full coverage over the tyre's working surface and side wall elements for better heat distribution.

  • Made from the best materials and components available.

  • Made to the highest quality standards.

  • Tyre Warmers hand made for your tyre size.

  • 'F' on Front and 'R' on Rear for fast recognition.

  • Black edges to help warmers look cleaner, longer.

  • Dedicated Tyre Compound / Details area.

  • Choice of 220 / 240 (most countries) or 110 / 120 volt (USA & Japan).

  • Compatible with 1.5 Kva portable power generators.

  • Carry bag or box and user Instructions.

  • 12 Month NO FUSS Warranty.

  • World Supersport front runners Johan sigifeldt and Robbin Harms trust Sportsbike PODIUM Class Tyre Warmers.

    "Racing at GP and WSB level imposes strains on equipment that would not be experienced in any other environment. In my time as WSB Team Suzuki Manager, we tried many different types of tyre warmers but the fit, consistant performance and durability has made Sportsbike Tyre Warmers our number one choice."
    LESTER HARRIS - WSB & GP Team Manager. (England).

Options to choose from:

  • TYRE SIZE CHOICE: Specify the size of tyre you mostly use, we make to fit the tyre.

  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL CHOICE: Choose between movable 80*C (178*F) fixed temperature Thermostat or optional TEMPERATURE CONTROL with push button adjustment and digital display.

  • COLOUR CHOICE: Choose Royal Blue, Red, Gold, Green, Burnt Orange, Gray or Black all with black edges. (other colours by request). Colour choice included in price.

  • BADGING: Sew-on sponsor, team or owner badging. Badging included in price.

  • CLOSING SYSTEM: Choice of elastic side tension and Velcro or pull stings, toggles and loops to close. Closing system included in price.

  • EXHAUST SHIELD: Option if needed, to prevent rear warmer burning on exhaust system (i.e.: Ducati). Heat shield included in price.

  • SPECIAL GRID WARMERS: Matching 'Grid' warmers designed to draw less power for use with 1 Kva Generators on the Grid - ASK US.

  • CUSTOM DESIGN: Custom design and print services available - ASK US.

  • RESERVE SETS: Reserve sets and race support service available - ASK US.

  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM SUPPORT - For World Championship Teams we have two very attractive Proposals - ASK US.

Why they are better:

  • They get tyres to target temperature quickly, usually 15 - 20 minutes.
  • They get rims to target temperature quickly, usually 20 - 25 minutes.
  • They lessen cold tearing for longer tyre life.
  • They direct heat in to rims for improved temperature storage.
  • They help tyres stay hotter for longer.
  • They give more feel to the rider and help increase confidence.
  • They enable a larger contact patch for more grip.
  • They enable professional presentation.
  • You get better heat to tyre edges used in the first turns.


  • SUPERBIKE | MOTO GP (195 +)
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Frankie Chili wins in the World Superbike Championship after a great start with Sportsbike Tyre Warmers. Tyre warmers australia, australian tyre warmers.

World Endurance Championship - Damian Cudlin and Warwick Nowland use PODIUM at Vallelungia in the World Endurance Championship

Mat Mladin and Yoshimura Susuki.

Nothing comes close to the PODIUM Class - The leading edge in Tyre Warmer technology.

  • The PODUIM is designed to significantly reduce the possibility of 'Cold Shredding', provides riders with exceptional feel, a stable platform, greater confidence and a real advantage at the start of a race. Nothing comes close.

  • The PODIUM is sized to fit the latest Dunlop, Pirelli and Michelin tyres used at World Championship level and is designed to provide more feel and higher temperature tires at the start of a race. Greater element coverage, side wall elements, more power and a closer fit are some of the features that work together to help a rider to go harder earlier and help the tires last long race distance better.

  • The PODUIM as standard is fitted with a 'movable thermostat' so you can 'zone in' on the desired temperature, there is also an optional adjustable temperature control with push button control and digital display available.

  • The PODUIM gives you many options for Customisation for riders, Pit Box design and presentation.

Many teams use the PODIUM to succeed in racing, be warned...
if you are their competition, they may not tell you about the PODIUM.

If you want the leading edge PODIUM Class Tyre Warmer...

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For details of the Sportsbike NO FUSS Warranty... go here.


Sportsbike's PODIUM has been used by...

    Max Biaggi, Toru Ukawa, Loris Capirossi, Alex Barros, Troy Corser, Ben Bostrom, Mat Mladin, Peter Goddard, James Whitham, Warwick Nowland, Brock Parkes, Aaron Gobert, Alex Gobert, Andrew Pitt, Casey Stoner, PG Bontempi, Juan Borja, Johan Stigfeldt, Robbin Harms and Kevin Curtain as well as many of the World's best riders.

And chosen by...

    Team Camel Pramac Pons, Team West Honda Pons, Alstare Suzuki SBK, Aprilia Factory SBK, NCR Ducati SBK, DCR Pirelli Ducati WSS, SC Ducati SBK, BKM Honda WSS, Spaziotel Ducati SBK, Yoshimura Suzuki USA, Kawasaki GB, Harris Honda UK, Stiggy Motorsport, Team Yamaha Australia, Team Kawasaki Australia, Hawk Kawasaki BSB and BSB AIM Yamaha as well as many of the World's top Privateers and Teams...


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