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Custom Sportsbike Tyre Warmers

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Not just Tyre Warmers...

We can also make Heating Blankets for Industrial use, Vat Heating Blankets, Flow Pipe Blankets, Blankets to heat pipes for Welding, Oil and Fat transmission pipes, Sump Heaters, Medical Heating Blankets, Heated Blankets for Telescpoes and for any application that needs pre-heating or a controlled temperature that you can think of!

We believe we can manufacture heating blankets and custom heating solutions for most applications and provide the best support no matter where you are or what your project involves.

We have already designed and made heating solutions for: Medical Blankets, Oil Vats, 44 Gal Drums, Small Pipelines (Artic for Welding), Plastic Moulding Plugs, Telescopes, Sump Oil Heaters and Gas Tanks.

With ideas and principles drawn from our Tyre Warmer range where heat application is critical, Sportsbike can manufacture heating solutions for most applications. Thermostat Control or Digital Display with adjustable Microprocessor control, we have the experience.

We welcome your questions.
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Race Car Tyre Warmers.

race car tyre warmers and kart warmers here.

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