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About Sportsbike...

Sportsbike started manufacturing Tyre Warmers in 1996. Through extensive development and by working with many of the world's best riders and Teams, Sportbike were able to develop a Tyre Warmer that works. Sportsbike developed a design of Tyre Warmer that considerably reduced the rate of cooling and enabled a tyre to be at a higher temperature at the start line and on the first Laps. Because Sportsbike raced Ducati Motorcycles, a range of products were developed, so Performance Air Filters and Radiator Mesh Protection came next.

"Since we started in business in 1996, we have raced and managed racing teams, we have also designed, developed, tested and manufactured a range of Motorcycle Acessories. These products are our response to the problems we have encountered while riding and racing. It is also the way we answer the questions asked by fellow riders interested in improving their results and the enjoyment of riding their motorcycle, we are hands on and involved".

In 2005 Sportsbike started to diversify and commenced the Distribution of products of high quality that are familiar to teams in Moto GP and World Superbike but unobtainable out side of those 'elete and technical paddocks'. Sportsbike now bring together it's own brands as well as the leading brands from Europe and USA and are Official Distributors for a range of leading high quality 'functional' products.

Sportsbike supply direct to customers, Dealers, Teams and Distributors Worldwide.

We are a small family company who is dedicated and committed to our customers and the riders who use our products. Like you, we are passionate about what we do, as one of our customers said: "What I like about Sportsbike is their commitment to Motorcycling - not just as a business, but as a passion."

In this web site we present the products we manufacture and the products we sell for other manufacturers of top level products, if you wish to find out more or place an order, please contact us so we can assist you.

To all the riders and teams who have helped us design and build what we believe are exceptional products and to the riders and teams who buy and use our products, we thank you. Without your help and support none of this would be possible. Go hard from the start.

Peter Martin

— CEO Sportsbike.

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